Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Building Set-Outs Needed?

Who Needs A Building Set-Out And When Is It Done?

It is a necessary process when building any structure, ranging from small houses to large commercial high rises. Building set-outs are also required when constructing a road, tunnel or bridge. It does not necessarily have to be a new structure, the set-outs are also essential when adding an extension to a pre-existing structure. This process is completed prior to any construction taking place as it marks the positions of all critical walls, frames and features. Building set-outs are a critical step to any design and construction process from small-scale projects to larger developments. They are warranted for numerous construction projects including the following:
  • Building new homes, apartments, townhouses and units
  • Residential and commercial building extensions and renovations
  • Development of warehouses and commercial buildings
  • Design and implementation of residential and commercial swimming pools
  • Large-scale town and land development projects
  • Town infrastructure projects
M.J. Reddie Surveys team of professionals accurately and expertly mark the building position onsite. We also provide building set-out plans to help all contractors onsite to ensure pinpoint accuracy during construction. We work with both small or large-scale development projects. If you need a building set-out completed, contact our expert team of land surveyors at M.J. Reddie Surveys today. Find out more by emailing info@reddiesurveys.com.au or contact us on 03 9707 4117.