Land Surveying Services

Reddie Surveys offers land surveying services across Victoria

Land Surveying Services

M.J. Reddie Surveys offers a comprehensive list of land surveying services that help you understand your property to a greater degree. Our services range from identifying key features on your land which may pose challenges for future developments or simply getting a clear image of where your boundaries lie.

Land surveying can also be used as the foundation for preparing documents required to make large changes to the structure of your property. Prime examples of this application include the subdivision process or facing boundary disputes. These diverse applications of land surveying make it a crucial process to undertake before investing in any land development on your land.

Land surveying services M.J. Reddie Surveys offer include:


Understanding the complexities of the subdivision process, we work to make the process as smooth as possible for you. We subdivide for estate developments, multi-storey apartment buildings and more. If you would like to learn more about subdivision, call us today. We will explain how the subdivision process applies to your land.


Title Surveys (Re-Establishment)

These property surveys are highly detailed surveys that determine the location of your title boundary in relation to your existing fencing. Our experienced team of professional land surveyors mark the title corners on site and produce a plan for your future reference. We then offer you professional advice on how you should proceed in the case of boundary disputes with your neighbour. Contact us today to learn how completing a title survey can be beneficial for your property.


Feature & Level Survey

This survey looks at surveying the contours of land vegetation (e.g. trees and other significant plants or organic landmarks) as well as underground landmarks (e.g. drains and utility services). M.J. Reddie Surveys provide the final survey data in numerous formats to ensure compliance with the needs of your application.


Site Analysis Surveys

A site analysis survey is crucial in revealing the potential of your property and any constraints that you might face in your land development project. Due to the nature of information this survey reveals, it is best to complete this survey before you start planning your development. Doing this survey ultimately helps minimise the risk of missing any opportunities as you have the full picture of your property’s scope in mind.


Our Service Areas


  • Traralgon
  • Morwell 
  • Moe
  • Trafalgar 
  • Churchill

South Gippsland

  • Inverloch
  • Wonthaggi 
  • Kilcunda 
  • Leongatha 
  • Grantville


South East Suburbs

  • Mornington Peninsula 
  • Narre Warren 
  • Pakenham 
  • Beaconsfield 
  • Koo Wee Rup 
  • Tooradin

Phillip Island Region 

  • Sam Remo 
  • Cowes 
  • Anderson 
  • Kilcunda 
  • Bass 
  • Woolamai


Client Testimonials

“M.J. Reddie Surveys were absolutely wonderful when helping us with our subdivision. Luke was very professional, timely and always answered my phone calls. He was also very polite on the phone and made a huge effort to go above and beyond to ensure that it was a smooth process. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future or refer them to our family and friends. Thank you M.J. Reddie Surveys.”
Chenelle Iacovangelo

“They are practical, down to earth and experienced professionals in their field. Their timely advice and proactive solutions have facilitated many of my projects from simple two-lot subdivisions to multi-stage estate subdivisions. Their team consistently attend to all matters diligently and without delay, allowing projects to move forward with accurate and on-time information. Their knowledge of the planning and surveying processes helps you navigate this ever-changing landscape and their authoritative contacts and long term relationships help streamline delivery. Whether you’re new to land development or an experienced developer, I would highly recommend Luke Reddie and the team at Reddie Surveys for fast, reliable and accurate services.”

Diego Lorenzo

Principal of Civil Made Pty Ltd

“Thank you very much! The decision to appoint you to get this all done for us when we started proved absolutely correct and if I ever went down this path again, I would most definitely do the same. Both you and Diego have been an absolute pleasure to deal with – THANK YOU.”
Steve Godwin


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