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If you want to unlock the potential of your property, M.J. Reddie Surveys’ Complete Development Solutions are perfect to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish eith our . Our expert team can introduce you to our team of trusted professionals who can provide services in every step of the development process.

Why Reddie Surveys Should Be Your Melbourne Land Developer Of Choice

  • Work with experienced Melbourne land developer professionals

During our 35 years of experience, M.J. Reddie Surveys have worked across multiple complete development solutions. We work to ensure that your project is tracking in a timely manner and create dynamic solutions to solve any challenges that may arise in the process. With our experience, you can be rest assured that your project runs smoothly.

  • Work with Melbourne land development industry experts

Our experience in the industry has ensured we have developed a trusted network of professionals who have the skills and expertise to execute projects to the highest standards. Your project will be in good hands when you enlist the services of M.J. Reddie Surveys and will generate better results for you.

  • Work with one land developer Melbourne team for the entire process

Our professional and trusted team can assist with everything from the planning and design phase, to construction, project management and subdivision. We can take the hassle out of having to source and coordinate multiple consultants for your project and can truly offer a complete development solution!

  • Work with efficient communication

Working with one team from the beginning to the end of the development process means that you don’t need to go back and forth working with different consultants. Our complete development solution ensures more efficient communication between you and our team so that we can work quickly to bring your development project to life.


M.J. Reddie Surveys are passionate about developing property and offer our professional advice in the process of bringing your development plans to life. If you are not sure about how you would like to develop your property, we can also offer you guidance in the direction to take your property. We assess the potential of your property and discuss how you can achieve it through the development process. Learn more about Reddie Surveys.

If you are interested in discussing your project and are looking for a complete development solution with Reddie Surveys and our team of extended professionals, please get in touch with us today.

Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys.

Have questions regarding our complete land development services? Get in touch with our team at Alternatively, you can call us on (03) 9707 4117. We are experienced and ready to talk to you about your project today.


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