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M.J. Reddie Surveys complete site analysis surveys across Melbourne.

Site analysis surveys help developers understand what opportunities and constraints your property has for development. These surveys are often required when subdividing property and are used by designers and architects and form a good basis for future site planning.


Site Analysis Surveys – what are they and why do I need one?

These surveys identify key features of your property and its surrounds including underground pipes, adjoining roads and landscape elements. These surrounding elements are crucial in a site analysis survey as they affect the limits of the development on your property.

These property surveys also identify levels, features and details of existing buildings to assist in the design and development process.

The identification of key features on your property and the surrounding environment through this survey assists the design and development stage of your project. This can help you get a full view of your property and uncover the opportunities on your property before you start planning. Understanding these opportunities in the early stages of development, you will be able to take full advantage of your property.

In addition to utilising all the opportunities on your property, large scale, detailed site analysis survey plans are also required by your local council.

Ensuring that your development meets council regulations is a crucial step in the development process for all property developers. As part of their approval process, the Council requires these site analysis surveys to understand the character of the neighbourhood you are planning to develop your property in. They particularly analyse how your proposed development could potentially affect your neighbours and any others who will be directly affected by the construction. If your development is intrusive on neighbouring properties, you will need to modify the design or development so that it complies with the required standards.

Key features of a site analysis survey:

Roads & Pipes

Ground Level & Contours

Existing Structures

Adjoining Features & Fences

Features On The Street


Utility Services

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Why do your site analysis survey with Reddie Surveys?

Our expert team are very thorough and detailed in their site analysis surveying process. Accuracy is of top priority at Reddie Surveys, so our team works to mark out all significant elements on your property with care. Doing a site analysis survey in Melbourne with Reddie Surveys means that you can be rest assured you have all the information you need to send to the council, which in turn eases the application process. With high quality tools and over 35 years of experience, M.J. Reddie Surveys provide successful site analysis surveys that helps you uncover the opportunities for your development.

The team at M.J. Reddie Surveys have an experienced and competent team of licensed land surveyors ready to complete a site analysis survey for your project. Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys. Contact us for free quote on a survey today.

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