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Are you interested in subdividing land in Melbourne? Wondering how many lots can you fit on your land, or how to best maximise your subdivision design? Speak with our expert team today about subdividing your land in Melbourne.

What is Land Subdivision?

Subdivision involves dividing a larger piece of land into smaller areas.

The process requires a high level of detail and precision to split the original space into usable pieces of land. As a result, this procedure can be complicated to carry out especially when dealing with council planning provisions and procedures that differ from council to council.

Subdividing in Melbourne especially requires a high level of care due to its multitude of councils.

Benefits of Subdivision:

Despite its challenges, subdivision can be very beneficial depending on the needs of your property. Some common benefits include:

Increasing the potential of your property

Subdividing land or property allows you to increase its potential. You can choose to rent out certain blocks of the subdivided property and develop others as you prefer. These options give you a great degree of flexibility on how you use your land provided you stay within council regulations.

Earn a profit on selling your land

Selling a large block of land can become more profitable with subdivision. Subdividing the property into smaller blocks of land allows you to sell to more buyers which can increase your overall profit margin.

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Have questions regarding the subdivision process or a land surveyor’s involvement in this process? For subdivision advice, feel free to email us at Alternatively, you can call us on (03) 9707 4117.

Want to check whether you can subdivide your property? M.J. Reddie Surveys has compiled a list of factors to determine whether your property is suitable for subdivision that you can refer to!

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Subdividing in Melbourne with a licensed land surveyor

To maximise the benefits of subdivision, it is best to work with a licensed land surveyor. Land surveyors help take out the stress in the subdivision process by acting as a bridge between you and the council.

The M.J. Reddie Surveys team in particular has experience in subdividing land across many parts of Melbourne and has worked with a diverse range of councils. As a result, we are familiar with the processes of different councils and can liaise with them on your behalf. M.J. Reddie Surveys can also guide you through the subdivision approval process and submit a subdivision application to SPEAR on your behalf.

In addition to achieving approvals, licensed land surveyors also have a high attention to detail which helps minimise the margin for error in the subdivision process. As a result of the care they take with the process, you will be able to minimise risks of legal disputes or other costly mistakes in the future.

If you would like to learn about the process of subdividing in Melbourne, read our article on the land subdivision process.

Subdivision with M.J. Reddie Surveys

M.J. Reddie Surveys offers subdividing in Melbourne and the south east of Victoria heading towards Inverloch. We also service areas on the west of Melbourne including Geelong and Anglesea. Our passionate team of licensed land surveyors have great attention to detail and offer support and advice on the best way to subdivide your property. We are a family business with over 35 years in the industry. With our experience, we can help you successfully subdivide your property.

Our subdivision services include:

  • 2-Lot Subdivision:
    Subdividing a property into two lots
  • Building Subdivision:
    Subdividing a property with a building on the land
  • Subdividing Large Greenfield Estates:
    Subdividing estates or other large acres of land in regional or metro areas
  • Industrial Subdivision:
    Subdividing industrial properties
  • Commercial Subdivision:
    Subdividing commercial properties
  • Subdividing Multi-Storey High-Rise Properties:
    Subdividing a property that has buildings with multiple storeys.

Subdividing in Melbourne?

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