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M.J. Reddie Surveys complete feature and level surveys across Melbourne.

Feature and level surveys are essential in the process of designing a new development, to identify all onsite and neighbouring features. These features can include drains, trees, fences, adjoining properties and etc. This information is used by designers, architects and councils to determine whether your design can be approved and built on your land.

Benefits Of Completing A Feature and Level Survey Early In The Building Process

  • Plan your building design with confidence
    The features on your land have a large impact on what can and cannot be built on your land. As a result, it is important to do your feature and level survey before you start looking at the design of your construction project to gain a clear insight into the requirements. This will consequentially help designers and architects design the building with confidence that it will meet the legal requirements.
  • Be prepared for feature and level surveys
    These surveys are used throughout the building and design process. They contain important information that is used by designers, architects, builders as well as councils. By completing this survey, you will be prepared to present this valuable information to the stakeholders of your project during any stage of the construction process.
  • Avoid costly errors in feature and level surveys
    Completing this property survey in the early stages of the construction process is an essential step to avoid costly errors and disappointment that can hinder the construction process in later stages. By identifying all relevant features as early as possible you can ensure you are meeting all legal requirements before construction begins.

Key features of a feature and level survey in Melbourne that can influence the building plan and design are:

Ground Level & Contours

Existing Structures

Adjoining Features & Fences

Features On The Street


Utility Services

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Feature and Level Surveys In Melbourne With Reddie Surveys

With over 35 years of experience under our belt, M.J. Reddie Surveys are experts in all stages of the land development process. Since feature and level surveys are one of the first jobs to be completed in land development, we ensure an exceptional level of accuracy during completing these surveys so that it supports the remaining stages of the process.

The team at M.J. Reddie Surveys have an experienced and competent team of licensed land surveyors ready to complete a feature and level survey for your project. Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys.

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