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At Reddie Surveys we understand that managing land development projects can be complex and time consuming, especially without a land development project manager. We can take responsibility for your  project management needs to ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Project Management For Land Development Projects

M.J. Reddie Surveys have an extensive history working on land development projects and have developed an excellent professional network of consultants who can help you achieve the best result for your investment. We pride ourselves on our high level of service and can ensure your project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.


Project management for land development involves overseeing development processes from the beginning right through to the end. This involves careful planning, second to none communication and experience in construction and land development regulations. A project manager can interpret and explain contracts providing technical information to appropriate professionals. Their role involves reporting work progress to their clients and responding to any delays or potential hindrances during the land development processes.


M.J. Reddie Surveys are passionate about managing property development and offer a high level of professionalism in our services. We are passionate about bringing your development plans to life. Our knowledgeable team are backed with 35+ years experience and can project manage your land development project with great skill. We are thorough, taking care to plan carefully from the very beginning to minimise any risks. Our professional network also ensures that we can provide our clients with a high standard of services.


Who we work with:

Council Representatives

Building & Construction Tradespeople


Owners & Other Stakeholders

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What does land development project management service include?

Project Feasibility & Development Costing

Providing concept plans for your development or subdivision. We can also arrange development estimates for authority fees, consultant costs and construction costs. This combination of services helps you understand the best use of your property so you can make an informed decision.

Management through Development or Subdivision Approval

Review, co-ordinate and respond to Request for Further Information from all Responsible Authorities during the Development or Subdivision Approval process. This helps achieve a Planning Permit for your development.

Permit Management

Review, co-ordinate and manage Permit Conditions to ensure all development or subdivision items are addressed and actioned in a timely manner. The review and management process helps you deliver your project at its earliest opportunity.

Authority Applications & Negotiations

Arranging authority applications for your development or subdivision works. Where required we can also negotiate an outcome that provides you the most cost effective solution.


Consultant Engagement & Management

We have an extensive list of consultants we work with to provide all necessary inputs to your development or subdivision where required. This may include specialists in the geotechnical, electrical, telecommunications, hydraulic or fire engineering field. We manage their quotes and co-ordinate their input into the project.

Plan Reviews & Co-ordination

We co-ordinate with architects, planners and other consultants to ensure a streamlined process for your development or subdivision.

Tendering & Construction Procurement

We can arrange tenders and contracts for any works required on your development or subdivision.

Contract Administration

We can act as superintendent or contract administrators for your development or subdivision to ensure your works are completed on time and budget.

Construction Surveillance

We can arrange quality inspection of your works and trades who deliver your development or subdivision.

SOC Process & Settlement Delivery

We manage and arrange Statement of Compliance releases from all authorities and keep you updated on titles so you can obtain settlements.

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