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Reddie Surveys are experienced in providing building set outs for builders working on residential and commercial construction sites.


Building Set Outs Melbourne

Building Set-Outs involve transferring building designs from paper or digital file onto the physical land in the exact position for the build to commence. This ensures builders can follow the design while constructing, ensures projects are completed within the boundary line and ensures the project is completed by construction teams exactly to the final plans. This survey is highly important when preparing for a construction job.

At Reddie Surveys we understand that the design of each building project is different and has its unique complexities. We aim to simplify as much of this process as possible for all the stakeholders involved. Our 35+ years of experience has helped us develop accurate processes for efficient and effective construction. We use high quality equipment to ensure the accuracy of our measurements and areas for marking. If you’re looking for a reliable team to assist you, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Building Set Outs

Simplifying The Process For All Parties

Setting the plan out for all contractors on site to minimise mistakes and placement errors

Easy To Visualise End Goal

Helps everyone on site to visualise exact placement of proposed buildings in the space

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