Title Re-establishment Surveys In Melbourne

Completing a title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne on your property is the process of marking out boundaries on the ground as per your Title Plan. This Title Plan can be found on your Certificate of Title which describes the rights the interested party has on their land. Title surveys are also known as re-establishment surveys, boundary surveys, cadastral land surveys, relocation surveys or check surveys.

When Do I Need To Do A Title Re-Establishment Survey In Melbourne?

There are a number of situations where it is appropriate to carry out a title re-establishment survey for your property in Melbourne. These include:

Before purchasing any new property

Getting a clear guideline of the boundaries of your property is always important. It is especially important in helping you grasp the level of rights you have over the property. Purchasing after you and the seller have settled on the boundaries is the recommended course of action. As both parties understand the rights, it helps minimise the risk of any future disputes over the boundaries of your land.

During the planning stages of land development

As land development is a big financial investment, it is always best to ensure you know the boundaries of the property clearly before you start planning. Completing a boundary survey helps minimise the risk of any fencing disputes after the development and as a result any financial burdens resulting from the dispute.

In the process of settling any fencing disputes

If you are facing a fencing dispute with your neighbour, the best way to determine the boundary rights of each party is to complete a title re-establishment survey. re-establishment surveys are accurate and can be used as a legally binding document. This means it has the final say in the land rights of each property owner involved in the dispute.

When planning to build close to your boundaries

You may be planning a project on your land that requires you to build very close to the boundary. It is best to do a boundary survey before you start building in these cases. Completing a boundary survey on your property helps ensure that you are staying within the boundaries and minimises risk. 

What happens if I don’t get a re-establishment title

The most common consequense of not getting a boundary survey is disputes with neighbours. If you build onto your neighbours property without having the correct boundaries you may need to remove the structure which becomes costly. If you buy a propery without having a boundary survey completed you may discover later down the track that the propery is not as big as you thought and the value of your property is less. 

Benefits of title re-establishment surveys

Understand your exact boundaries and dimensions of the land

A title re-establishment survey allows both a seller and a purchaser to be confident that the details of the land agreement are correct and accurate before moving forward with a sale, or before building commences on a parcel of land.

Avoid council & neighbour disputes

Ensure you can adhere to council requirements and legal boundary lines to keep everything above board and yourself out of trouble.

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