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Can I Subdivide My Land?

Can I Subdivide My Land?

Are you thinking you might have a perfect large block of land for subdivision? There are many things to consider when it comes to finding a property suitable for subdivision, including council regulations, zoning, features of the land, location are other key factors.

Whether or not you can subdivide your land depends on:

  • The size of your property
  • Town planning
  • Neighbourhood precedent
  • If it’s possible to build on the land
  • The land’s agricultural significance
  • Existing buildings that cannot be removed

You can also read more about whether your land is suitable for subdivision on our site to understand the conditions for subdivision in more detail.

To begin the process of subdividing your land, we recommend first checking the original documents of your property. These documents provide you with details on what the land can be used for i.e. whether or not the land can be subdivided. Checking these details from the very beginning prevents you from investing time and effort in a project that cannot be carried out.

If you cannot find these original contracts and documents, speak to a local title company. This can include Landata or your Section 32 from the real estate. The M.J. Reddie Surveys team can also look into these documents for you so that you can be sure whether or not your land can be subdivided.

From here, you can investigate further.

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