Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Title Re-Establishment Survey?

A title re-establishment survey is conduced to re-establish or confirm where the exact boundaries of the plot of land are located and exact land dimensions.Also known as a ‘boundary survey’

Title re-establishment surveys often take place when a block of land has been vacant or unused for some time and the boundaries need to be confirmed before building or sale can take place. Often existing survey pegs have gone missing or can’t be found which calls for a ‘re-pegging’ of the land to confirm the exact dimensions and placement of the block.

Title Re-establishment surveys are necessary to ensure that correct information is given to builders or potential buyers so no problems or issues will pop up at a later stage in building and development. Without correct dimensions, someone could purchase a block of land that is actually larger or smaller than they intended, or an agent could sell the land for a higher or lower price than the market rate for the exact land size. Without accurate land boundary lines, fences or sheds can be built in the wrong place and cause issues among neighbours with these structures needing to be rebuilt in their correct locations later down the track.

When should I get a boundary survey done?

Many builders may request that you get a boundary survey done before they begin works on a block of land if pegs are missing or current information is inaccurate or incomplete.

You may wish to get a boundary survey before erecting a new fence, shed or structure close to a boundary line to ensure you’re building within your property and prevent neighbour disputes.