Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Land Surveyor Do?

The role of a land surveyor is diverse and allows developers or land owners to achieve a range of outcomes with their property. Essentially it involves working with different technical instruments to measure, map and plot certain elements of a geographic location on a specialised plan for use in building and development. More specifically, land surveyors conduct boundary surveys (to determine exact property lines and borders of the land in question, create re-establishment surveys (re-establishing the land’s boundaries and corner points), feature surveys (mapping out of the land contours and features) and sub-division surveys (how to split up a large area of land for sale of smaller lots).

The surveying process also determines whether there are easements and encroachments on the land. By doing a survey, this can help resolve or avoid disputes about land and boundary lines and assists the proper placement of fences and other structural items.

Land surveyors need to be tertiary qualified and registered to be able to practice as a land surveyor in Victoria.

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Types Of Land Surveys & Services Offered By Land Surveyors

Some common services land surveyors offer include:

Land surveying services

  • Subdivision
    Splits a large block of land into smaller blocks of land.
  • Site analysis surveys
    Plan showing neighborhood character of 3 houses either side, across the road and behind.
  • Feature and level surveys
    Identifies all onsite and neighbouring features on a property and adjoining features within 9m of the Title boundary.
  • Re-establishment surveys
    Helps determine the relationship of the Certificate of Title to the fences and walls that define the property

Land development services

If you are planning on undertaking any of the processes listed above, then yes, you need a land surveyor. Give us a call today!

What’s The Difference Between a Land Surveyor and A Building Surveyor

Land Surveyors focus on the spatial layout of the site – we look at the land and space you have to work with. We provide accurate details of boundaries, easements and other things that may affect your build on this land.

A Building Surveyor deals with the legal side of everything. They ensure all permits and approvals are in place before building begins.

We will work closely with your building supervisor ensuring your project runs on track and as efficiently as possible.