Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Do My Own Land Survey On My Property?

Can I do my own land survey on my property? 

In Victoria, the law states that property boundary surveys need to be conducted or at least supervised by a practising licensed surveyor. Any survey performed by unlicensed practitioners can compromise the development of the land or property. Unlicensed surveys have no legal standing.

What’s the difference between a Land Surveyor and a Building Surveyor?

Land Surveyors focus on the spatial layout of the site – we look at the land and space you have to work with. We provide accurate details of boundaries, easements and other things that may affect your build on this land.

A Building Surveyor deals with the legal side of everything. They ensure all permits and approvals are in place before building begins.

We will work closely with your building supervisor ensuring your project runs on track and as efficiently as possible.


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