Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started With Land Subdivision?

How Do I Get Started With Land Subdivision?

We recommend you contact a subdivision expert such as M.J. Reddie Surveys who can assist you with the process and walk you through the council permits applications and legal documents that are required for submission. The whole process can be tricky and costly if mistakes are made or you aren’t clear with which actions and steps need to be taken. M.J. Reddie Surveys can assist you to firstly determine whether your block is eligible for subdivision, options for subdivision shapes and sizes to get the most our of your land, and help guide you through the entire process for a smooth and successful outcome.

How Much Does Subdividing Land Cost?

Each development will vary in price depending on its complexity and required survey input. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone for a fixed fee proposal.

How Long Does The Subdivision Process Take?

The process of subdivision varies in time depending on how quickly a party can gather all required documents, and also varies council to council depending on the size of their team working through the applications and number of applications received. Generally we see subdivisions take approximately 3-6 months from first contact to titles being received.


If you are looking to hire a land surveyor for your next project, get in touch with the Reddie Surveys team today.