Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Land Surveying?

What is land surveying?

Simply, Land surveying involves finding and measuring the boundaries of a parcel of land.
Qualified land surveyors use specialist equipment to ensure the land is measured correctly and accurately. A report is then generated for whoever requires it, be a homeowner, real estate agent or land developer.

Why is land surveying important?

Land surveying is important for people to understand their exact boundary lines and area of the property they are going to buy, sell or subdivide. This helps people to successfully build within their designated boundaries and to avoid any potential disputes down the track with items being built on someone else’s land or over easements in the future. It also helps with the sale of property, so land size can be accurately advertised and buyers can feel certain and confident with the information provided when comparing land to purchase.

Without land surveying, it would be difficult for someone to prove how much land they actually own, and opens up the possibility of people being accidentally or intentionally misleading when selling land or errors made when building fences or structures.

What is the purpose of a land survey?

The purpose of a land survey is to provide an accurate measurement of a block or plot of land. People require this information to make educated and informed decisions about the land based on the results so it’s accuracy is integral. This is why it needs to be performed by a licensed and qualified land surveyor. (see: what does a land surveyor do)

Reasons you might need a land survey:

– Want to know the size of land before you purchase?
– Want to confirm dimensions of a large block before subdividing?
– Want to find the exact location of your boundary before building a car port?
– You and your neighbour need to know the exact placement of your fence to be built?
– Need to locate and confirm easement placement?


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