Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Land Surveyor And Town Planner Do?

What does a land surveyor and town planner do?

As land surveyors, we conduct boundary surveys to determine exact property lines and borders of the land in question. We assess the spatial layout of the site and focus on creating re-establishment surveys, feature surveys and sub-division surveys. The surveying process also determines whether there are easements and encroachments on the land. We also look out for any other ‘roadblocks’ as well as the requirements of the land. By doing a survey, this can help resolve or avoid disputes about land and boundary lines and assists the proper placement of fences and other structural items.

We are experienced and knowledgeable in town planning. We plan and design the subdivision of the plot and support the entire development process. From subdivision plans and land surveying, our services range up to managing road creation, utilities and landscaping new estates.

Do I need a land surveyor?

Are you doing any of the following?

  • Buying a new home and want to cover yourself from future legal disputes
  • Applying for a building permit
  • Want to know the exact boundaries of your land
  • Want to ensure you are erecting a fence in the correct area / on your property
  • Planning a subdivision of your land

If you are doing any of the above jobs, then yes! Contact us or  Give us a call today.