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Civil Engineering Services are crucial in starting your construction project. A big part of these services is creating detailed designs and plans before you begin construction so your project stays on track. 


Civil Engineering Services

M.J. Reddie Surveys offer a variety of civil engineering services for a wide range of development projects. We can prepare practical designs that account for all the surrounding features of the property you wish to develop. These features include roads, bodies of water, sewers and drainage. Our designs are drawn up to council standards so they can be sent to councils and other bodies of authority in the process of obtaining building permits and approvals.

At Reddie Surveys, we pride ourselves in servicing a wide range of clients. Whether you are looking for civil engineering and design services for your residential property or a large commercial development project, our team can help! Contact us today for more information on our services.

We specialise in these areas of civil engineering:

Civil Engineering Design

Our team are experienced and can draw up civil engineering plans that cater to the needs of your development. As land surveyors, we have a keen eye for detail and assess all the features on your property and its surroundings to create detailed and comprehensive designs.

Drainage Design

M.J. Reddie Surveys can plan creative and cost-effective drainage design solutions for your development. As part of this process, we first complete a feature and level survey to determine the fall of your land. After analysing these survey results, our experienced engineers then create a drainage concept plan for council approval.

Sewerage Design 

Our engineers are accredited and can create an innovative sewerage extension design tailored for your development or project. With a focus on value for your investment and practicality, our team always put the needs of your project first. We can also manage the construction of this asset through our accredited contractors.

Construction Management 

Once the designs for your project have been approved, our head engineer can manage the construction process for you. We manage your construction with a keen eye for detail to bring a speedy and cost-effective outcome for your development.

If you are interested in discussing your project and are looking for civil engineering design services, please get in touch with us today. Our team of extended professionals at M.J. Reddie Surveys are always ready to help! Learn more about M.J. Reddie Surveys.

Why Hire A Civil Engineer?

Simply Approval Process

Civil Engineering Designers have bountiful experience in working with councils. As a result, they can create designs that meet the standards set out by councils and simplify the approval process. Working with a qualified designer will take the stress off your team and allow you to focus on the more important issues on hand.

Access Expert Design Services

Working with an experienced civil engineering designer can take your development to the next level. Along with the portfolio of multiple projects under their belt, they have a variety of solutions they can offer to any issues you may have had with your design. They are also up to date on the latest industry trends and can create an innovative design for your development project.

Minimise Future Risk

Creating detailed plans from the very beginning of your development is the ultimate method to minimise risk. These engineering plans not only consider your property, but also the surroundings to minimise any potential issues from occurring in the future. This gives your team a peace of mind during the construction process.

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